Company Mirna Ltd. was founded in 1982. We started our work with the production and processing of plastics. Our activity is related to the production of plastic pipes and piping systems for application in the distribution of water, gas, drainage and cable protection and we are one of the market leaders in this field.

In 2004 our company made a step in the field of tourism and built a hotel on Vlasic Mountain. During construction, company’s owner came to idea that it is cheaper to product furniture for interior than to buy it, so our company joined wood industry with several employees and simple machines. We have been working on the further development of this business segment, and we are now the manufacturer of a complete range of furniture assortments. Striving for excellence in quality and unique design is one of the key success factors of Mirna Ltd. and also the basis for growth in the foreign market. In addition to the presence on domestic market, we export furniture to Austria, the Netherlands and Croatia. .
Quality, respect for our customers, suppliers, and fulfillment of the agreement is the foundation on which we build our firm. We meet the needs of our clients in accordance with their requirements and expectations, in shortest terms and quality.

Vision of Mirna Ltd. is the company's recognition of its professional relationship with the customer, the quality of products and services, with the application of state-of-the-art technologies according to world standards. Our goal is to meet the expectations of customers and business partners, and establish long-term cooperation with them and good business relationships.